{The Alchemist (Networks) Ltd.}
Alchemy and Networking - what is the connection. 

The alchemists, were on the fringes of accepted society, they worked in an environment of new knowledge, of secrecy, and mysticism, part magic, part religion, and part developing science. They were expected to bring their masters powers, and riches, with their secret understandings. 

In the computer industry, Networking has been regarded even by programmers, sysprogs (and "network" server administrators), as the "Black Art", and the home of the magician, an environment only for the initiates, frightening powerfull and mystical, with their own language, and understandings, and peculiar instruments, beyond the comprehension of normal people. 

In many ways this is true, and The Alchemist (Networks) Ltd. practices the art of networking, and exploits the understanding, to monitor, control and manage network traffic, and protect customers from a heavy burden of unnecessary network costs. Careful early consideration of networking, can reduce (or more accurately, avoid escalating) costs by as much as a factor of ten. Reducing costs on a large network by as much as 50% can pay for a lifetime of consultancy (and is often quite easy). 

We endeavour to unburden your network, free you from the spiral of bigger better faster, more expensive, and return to you the true value of your network. Taking a leaden collar, and returning a golden Mantle. 

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