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What can The Alchemist (Networks) Ltd. do for you 

where you dont know what is happening you are vulnerable.

We can help you to see what is happening on your network.

We can help to locate and rectify faults, bottlenecks, design problems, and topology issues.

We can help you to set up monitoring software to look out for problems for you. We can set it up with sensible and meaninfull thresholds, so that it can notify you of events that matter, and not notify you of events that dont. This is a major issue with network management systems. It is easy to be notified of everything ,but there is no way you have time to filter through it all interpreting and evaluating all the information. This is a job for a machine, but it will not come set up to do it !

Network management in most forms is our speciality, but all aspects are covered well - design, build, monitor, diagnose, fix.