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Who can The Alchemist (Networks) Ltd. help 

The Alchemist (Networks) Ltd. is a very small company set up with the intention of making networked computer systems work for their owners rather than the other way around.

where you dont know what is happening you are vulnerable.

If your computer system costs you nothing to run, then the cnhances of making a saving are not very high. If you were just going to buy a 200 pound hub, then equally your chances of making a saving by employing a professional are minimal. The only way to make a saving here is if the advice is free, perhaps just a brief telephone conversation, or one line email, but that relies purely on goodwill.

If you have been told that you need to invest 100,000+ pounds on a new network infrastructure to keep pace with technology, then the potential is there to save a lot of money, for a small percentage investment.

The type of company we are most likely to help, will have between 200 and 10,000 network users. Typicly below that number, and the infrastructure is too small to easily recoup the cost of consultancy, and at bigger than 10,000 users then it would seem prudent to employ at least one full time network specialist who should be able to cope with most problems without a second opinion.

There are still times when companies outside these limits may wish to take advantage of an independent Network Consultant, ie a small company has a reccurrent and debilitating network fault, that no one has been able to rectify, and this is costing the company dearly in lost production, and poor image with trading partners, or a very large company is concerned that its own staff have become too introspective, and are not considering all the possibilities, or more simply may have lost their own staff, or are sick, and they need temporary help from and experienced source. All these are possibilities where an independent consultant could help.

Sometimes very large companies contract out all their services to service suppliers, and occaisionally a fault will occurr that they all blame on each other, and no one will resolve. This is an example where a couple of days investigation by an external agency can often resolve the issue, and if necessary the consultancy cost can often be charged back to the supplier who failed to diagnose the fault initially.

If you are considering seeking help, be sure what you are trying to acheive, and be certain that it will be worth the fee (which is going to be thousands of pounds, as almost any amount of help will take a few days).

If you think you fit, bring us your problem. At worst we will have to decline it, but we will still try to help you find someone suitable to fix it if you are stuck.