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Your main consulatant at the Alchemist (Networks) Ltd. - Mike Littler.

Having worked from a very early age (around 8 or 10) with communication systems - telephones, radios, SSB, Hetrodyning, morse code, analogue and digital proportional radio control, etc. After completing a degree course in design, went back to the old hobby of electronics, and started work for a firm making computer automated measurement and control systems, for the scientific comunity, including the JET (joint European Taurus - the group developing nuclear fusion reactors), and the CEGB for communication systems in nuclear reactors. This firm also turned out to be an early player in the developement of Ethernet, and ended up working on the design and developement of Ethernet repeaters, hubs, bridges, and routers.

After a grounding like that, The dark art of communications is rather second nature !

That still didnt Help with the understanding of end systems though, so spent five years working on communications for Cheshire county council, but also working as system manager on many diverse systems, including IBM MVS, ICL VME, DEC VMS, DOS, UNIX, Netware, windows.........

Now with a grasp of both sides of the communication system, the challenge tends to be big complicated networks with problems - the problem is often that they are just too complicated for needs, having been extended, and extended, without rationalisation, and the necesary understanding to make them simple again.