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Networking related links 

These are just some links to companies, and resources that may be helpful. They are probably not checked all that often so if one no longer works, feel free to mail us.

Cisco Cisco very popular Router manufacturer, much liked for consistent simple command line usrer interface, reliability, and openness and doccumentation of problems.

Nortel Nortel Long time competitor to Cisco for Routers and switches, but more interestingly, telephone exchanges, and worth watching for voice over IP offerings.

3com 3com cheap end networking components, nice for small jobs.

Hewlet Packard HP computers network components, and Openview - Network Management Platform (the UNIX Flavours prefferably)

Free Software Foundation The escape route from a never ending spiral of software upgrades and costs - well worth some effort looking at - the home of LINUX, and its associated FREE software

MRTG Multi Router Traffic Grapher - an excellent piece of FREE Network Management Software for Perl, just a tiny bit technical for the faint hearted, but really not that difficult once you get started !